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Name: Leilani L Age: 25 Location: California
The Story:  

Leilani is a cute girl from Montana I met around December and I've been doing her on and off camera since then, cumming inside her every single time. I first met Leilani on a website that she was putting together. Actually, it was more like a blog where she would write her thoughts and post pictures and what not. She had done some videos before, but she wasn't taking the whole adult modeling thing too seriously since she has a regular job. To her it was about having some fun that she missed out while growing up in Montana.

Anyway, after couple of weeks of planning she finally had to come up to LA to do some errands. And we finally had the chance to meet then. At first, I had her do a video for my female orgasm website and after talking some more and hanging out, we ended up totally hooking up that day.
We fucked on camera and off camera for hours


Name: Lucie L Age: 22 Location: Europe
The Story:  I meant to add this update couple of months ago but I totally forgot about it. I have so many videos in my archive, and I am not even counting my private collection (which will never go up). This is the video I did with Lucie in Europe this past November. She has modeled for Playboy Europe and many other famous magazines and I got to creampie her :-)

I met her thru an model scout I know in Northern Europe and he got me in touch with her. I tried at first talking on the phone with her about me and my videos, but she didn't speak much English. However, she can write fairly well so we developed an online relationship. She enjoying chatting to improve her English skills and I enjoyed jerking off while chatting..lol.

Anyway, after knowing her for few months I finally found some time to get to Europe and she was the first girl I went to visit on my last trip. It was still hard to talk to her, but by then we already knew each other quite a bit. So before the pictures/videos, we really got to know each other and then I took the pictures and the videos for the site. Lucie is very beautiful and she has perfect tits and a nice body too.  More...

Name: Mia Age: 19 Location: Florida
The Story: I met Mia last year when I was in Florida and I hooked up with her while I was there but it was off camera. We actually didn't go all the way, I went down on her and she went down on me. After a few weeks of meeting her, she told me she had some time off and if there was a chance I could send her a ticket for her to fly out to California, so I did and she came to visit LA for couple of days. Mia, in case you are wondering, is possibly the first girl of full Arab descent on the site and I think by now I have just about every nationality on the site. I just need to find a Eskimo girl to creampie and I'll be able to retire.

Anyway, after arriving at LAX, she took a cab to my place and I was busy doing another video. And that was kinda upsetting to her, but being in the business that I am in, what else could anyone expect? after dealing with that, we were able to talk more and go sightsee a bit and at the end of the night, she was ok and we ended up fucking back at my place. I fucked her couple of times that night and the next day I took this video of her I took her out to a nearby place to take some pictures, I played with her a bit with her in public and in the car and then I took her back to apartment to finish fucking her. More...

Name: Molly Mason Age: 20 Location: North Carolina
The Story: Molly is a girl I LOVED fucking. As you know by now, some girls I really like fucking and then there are the exceptional ones that I love doing and Molly is one of them. She is girl from North Carolina visiting LA couple of months ago and I had originally gotten in touch with her to ask her to pose for my girl climaxing site. And once I met her, I started to tell her about this other site. Molly was hesitant about it, and not so much because she was against having sex on camera but because she is actually a shy girl. Which made it all more exciting to me.

I first had gotten together with her few days before this video and she was so hot, I brought her back for a second video. But this time, we had more privacy and because of that, she let herself go a lot more this time. We basically were making love this time and it was so intense and good that I can almost feel her just writing about her. And is not like I don't enjoy all the other girls, is just that me and Molly really clicked so it just makes it that much more pleasurable.




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